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Let Takecare Of Your Vital Organs With Double Care.

Urologist :

A urologist is a medical doctor specializing in conditions that affect the urinary tract in men, women and children, and diseases that affect the reproductive system. These conditions range from peeing too much or too little to being unable to father a child. Urologists are best trained to treat any condition involving the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. Other healthcare professionals may be involved in your care-a urologist may work with an oncologist to treat prostate cancer, or with a gynecologist to treat pelvic pain in women.

Initial Examination by Urologist:

The doctor will perform a male genitourinary exam during your first appointment. That is a complete examination of the urinary tract region. The physician will perform a genital exam and a digital rectal exam to explore the prostate and the urologist may evaluate other areas as well.

When to visit Urologist immediately :

Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction: This is known as Acute urinary retention (AUR), or the involuntary inability to pass urine from the bladder, is the most common reason for emergency urologic care.

Some other general urological emergencies which seen in emergency units can be include acute scrotal conditions, priapism, acute urinary retention, acute renal colic, massive macroscopic hematuria, urinary tract infection, genitourinary trauma and paraphimosis. If any of the above condition persist, we suggest you to visit Urologist immediately.

Symptoms of Urology Problems:

* Blood in the urine.

* Pain when you urinate.

* Changes in urinary pattern.

* Frequent need to urinate.

* Inability to urinate.

* Weak or hesitant urinary stream.

* Incontinence like difficulty holding urine or leaking.

* Pain in the lower abdomen.

Kind of disease Urologist treat :

Urologist is a specialist surgeon who treats many conditions for men, women and children with problems of the kidneys, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs. The conditions may include cancer, stones, infection, incontinence, sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor problems, please get assistance at earliest for this problems.

Five main impact of Urology Disease:

* Cancers of the urinary tract and Incontinence (inability to control urine flow).

* Interstitial cystitis

* Kidney stones

* Kidney failure

* Urinary tract infections.

Urologist Online Consultations :

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