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Get an instant help from Gynecologist near you for infertility issue.

Gynecologist :

A Gynecologist is a doctor who can diagnoses and treats issues with female reproductive organs. They deal with all aspects of sexual health like preventive care, cancer screenings and physical exams for the Adult women. Some of the services and tests provided by Gynecologist are Pelvic exams and external genital exams. Book an appointment with Gynecologist near you, both online or offline service available here. For more details visit

Initial Examination by Gynecologist :

Gynecologist will treat your reproductive organ, since your reproductive system is responsible for pregnancy and menstruation. This organ consists of,

* Vulva.

* Uterus.

* Ovaries.

* Fallopian tubes.

* Cervix.

* Vagina.

* Breasts.

Services and tests provided by Gynecologist are:

* Pelvic exams and external genital exams.

* Pap tests and cancer screenings.

* Testing for sexually transmitted infections or (STIs).

* Diagnosing diseases and disorders of sex organs.

* Family planning birth control.

* Issues with menstruation or menopause.

* Helping with issues related to same sex couples or transgender individuals.

When to visit Gynecologist immediately :

Please visit Gynecologist immediately if there is a problems of conceiving and menstrual issues including amenorrhea for more than three months. If Experiencing severe discomfort, heavy bleeding and pain in the pelvis are other issues for which you need to visit the gynecologist as soon as possible.

You can vulnerably talk with your Gynecologist about:

* Birth control.

* Depression.

* Family planning.

* Fertility.

* Health prevention and wellness.

* Menopause.

* Menstrual disorders.

* Pregnancy care.

* Sexual health.

* Sexually transmitted diseases.

* Urinary incontinence.

* Vaccinations like HPV or others.

* Weight Management.

Gynecologists are particularly involved in your reproductive health from puberty through menopause. In fact, Gynecologist can also treat certain conditions affecting your rectum, bladder and urethra depending on how it relates to your reproductive system. However, a urologist or colorectal surgeon may be the better option in this case depending on your symptoms and diagnosis.

Gynecologist Online Consultations :

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